A-laise – Future Levitation


A-laise’s fifth album.

An up-tempo and catchy EDM track, this piece is a rich tapestry of exhilaration and dynamics with its complex and diverse structure.
With its melodic tones, steady beats, and vibrant melodies, it amplifies motivation and uplifts the mood, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an uplifting experience.


The era has arrived where individuals can wear space suits equipped with jet nozzles, allowing them to fly through the sky and reach the stratosphere. 
After completing rigorous training, she took to the skies in pursuit of reaching the stratosphere.


  1. Future Levitation
  2. Chase After Tomorrow
  3. Across the Prairie
  4. Dimensions
  5. Starry Atlas
  6. Loop the World
  7. Take a Closer Look at Me
  8. Rise Higher