A-laise is a Tuckey production solo project. “A-laise” is derived from the French word “alaise,” signifying comfort. A-laise, an accomplished artist and musician, delivers original tracks with a smooth, mellow, and upbeat sound. These tunes are designed to soothe and relax, providing a pleasant backdrop or more, tailored to your personal preferences.


    SUPERSWAY – Girl’s Empire


    SUPERSWAY’s first album.

    Their debut album, "Girl's Empire," is an epic tale of self-expression, confidence, unity, action, and love. With powerful vocals and dynamic performances, they infuse positive and empowering messages into their pop-infused sound.

    A-laise – Future Levitation


    A-laise's fifth album.

    A high-energy and infectious EDM track that showcases a complex structure and a rich array of variations. The steady beat and dazzling melodies serve as an amplifier for motivation, creating an exhilarating piece that uplifts the spirits.

    A-laise – Dear Memories


    A-laise’s second album.

    This collection of chillout music is sprinkled with a lo-fi vibe and crafted around the concept of relaxation and healing.


    A-laise – Night Riding


    A-laise's first single.

    Like the album "Dear Memories", chill-out music with a lo-fi taste. Currently on sale at Open Sea on the NFT Marketplace.


    限定公開版では、各曲のサビ部分を抜粋した「Short」と1曲通しで視聴いただける「 Full 」の2バージョンをご用意いたしました。