A-laise – Traveler


A-laise’s first album, a solo project from Tuckey Label Music.

The album theme is a journey of self-discovery, with each song expressing different landscapes from the journey.
From the serene full moon night, to the babbling of a stream, to the depths of the forest, each track captures a unique scenery.
The album is characterized by a medium-tempo sound with a percussive essence that adds a sense of presence to the music.


It is about a man who became exhausted by the monotony of day-to-day life and who had lost sight of everything important in this chaotic world.
He embarks on a journey to find himself. He finds his answers by utterly losing himself in a foreign country, immersing himself in strange customs and the nature there, and paradoxically, finding himself again in the process.


  1. Departure at Dawn
  2. Pale Moon Prayer
  3. Touch the Eternal Flame
  4. Music of the Brook
  5. Spiritual Deep Forest
  6. Dance in the Gold City
  7. Desert Willow
  8. Gleaming Horizon