A-laise – My Favorite Tales


A-laise’s fourth album.

This album is a mid-tempo collection of music that incorporates the foundational elements of 70s soul and funk music, as well as a touch of fusion.
The addition of horn sections and strings enhances the overall depth of the tracks, creating a rich and somewhat nostalgic sound.


The usual night arrives, with planets shining brightly and dazzling stars twinkling, while a red shooting star streams across the night sky.
As I leisurely enjoy a peaceful night, I read my favorite book, listen to music that touches my heart, and savor a delicate red wine.


  1. Shape of My Love
  2. When the Night is Falling
  3. Perfect Reflection
  4. Gotham Blues, Part 1
  5. Wonder Voyage
  6. Fill Me Up
  7. Ride the Moment