SUPERSWAY – Girl’s Empire


SUPERSWAY’s first album.

Their debut album, "Girl's Empire," is an epic tale of self-expression, confidence, unity, action, and love. With powerful vocals and dynamic performances, they infuse positive and empowering messages into their pop-infused sound.

A-laise – Future Levitation


A-laise's fifth album.

A high-energy and infectious EDM track that showcases a complex structure and a rich array of variations. The steady beat and dazzling melodies serve as an amplifier for motivation, creating an exhilarating piece that uplifts the spirits.

A-laise – My Favorite Tales


A-laise's fourth album.

A mid-tempo album with 70's soul and funk music at its core, with a fusion taste sprinkled in, as well as a horn section and strings.

A-laise – Reach to the Top


A-laise's third album.

This album is created with the theme of improving motivation. With an electrifying electro-pop taste and powerful up-tempo sound.

A-laise – Dear Memories


A-laise’s second album.

This collection of chillout music is sprinkled with a lo-fi vibe and crafted around the concept of relaxation and healing.

A-laise – Traveler


A-laise’s first album.

The album theme is a journey of self-discovery, with each song expressing different landscapes from the journey.