SUPERSWAY’s first album, “Girl’s Empire,” produced by A-laise, is now available for streaming on various music streaming services.

SUPERSWAY’s firstth album, “Girl’s Empire,” produced by A-laise, has been released on various music streaming services.Comprised of the uniquely talented Stacy, Rachel, Chloe, Nicole, and Stella, these dynamic performers blend their individual styles and talents to deliver captivating performances that leave audiences in awe.

Their debut album, “Girl’s Empire,” is an epic tale of self-expression, confidence, unity, action, and love. With powerful vocals and dynamic performances, they infuse positive and empowering messages into their pop-infused sound. This album is a testament to their passion and energy, promising to uplift and inspire listeners.

Experience the magical music of SUPERSWAY and let it captivate your soul.

Color of My Story -Songs of Girl’s Love Ties-
01. Girl’s Empire
02. low and Fly
03. teppin’ Movin’
04. Awaking Thoughts
05. Smash It
06. Careless Night
07. Timeless Echoes

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