A-laise’s fifth album, “Future Levitation,” is now available for streaming on various music streaming services.

A-laise’s fifth album, “Future Levitation,” has been released on various music streaming services. This album features upbeat rhythms, energetic beats, and a diverse and vibrant range of EDM. Whether you’re at a dance party, working out, driving, attending events, or engaged in focused and creative activities, allow yourself to be uplifted by the motivating and exhilarating soundscapes that will enhance the atmosphere.

Future Levitation

01. Future Levitation
02. Chase After Tomorrow
03. Across the Prairie
04. Dimensions
05. Starry Atlas
06. Loop the World
07. Take a Closer Look at Me
08. Rise Higher

Listen to the album on the following music streaming services:

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You can also find the album on YouTube:

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Experience the captivating journey of “Future Levitation” and enjoy the mesmerizing sounds created by A-laise.